Design could’ve saved them the blushes

Steve Harvey, 2015

Warren Beatty, 2017

High pressure situations can make the best of them commit gaffes.

In both cases, the announcers weren’t helped by the cards. Pictures below is the card read out by Warren Beatty when he announced La La Land (Moonlight) as Best Picture:

Surely you can’t miss the Moonlight in the middle?

Here’s my take on avoiding this type of problem:

Note that color has been deliberately subtracted for simplicity.

The name of the movie is the focal point: this is emphasized by the font size, weight, placement and color saturation.

Auxiliary information is available, but clearly segregated. The typography clearly illustrates the information hierarchy.

Finally, by placing the Oscar silhouette (instead of more text), we ensure branding is not compromised. This also serves as a point of visual interest, and helps break monotony.

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